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Time for More 153s August 22, 2018

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

As I work on a 365 project with some blog buddies, my goal for Route 153 is to post once a month. So here are some found 153s I’ve been saving up.

  • When I got home from my kd-lang-concert visit with Kim in March, I had $153 in my wallet.
  • While editing something in April, one of the endnotes read thusly: “Ed Shenk, Ed Shenk’s Fly Rod Trouting (Harrisburg, Pa.: Stackpole Books, 1989), 153.
  • I watched a video on the Cornell website about the red-headed woodpecker, which clocked in at 1:53.
  • I watched a video on Netflix about its envelope history at the point at which it had 153 likes.
  • On my way to Portland in July, I passed a car from Colorado with a license plate that began 153.
  • Post 204 in my 365 project was exactly 153 words.
  • I was billed exactly $153 (see photo).
  • I stopped at a McDonald’s (only when I travel, I swear) for a pee and an iced coffee and was assigned number 153 (see photo).
  • I went with a friend to drop off her art at a show and walked by a piece called Sculpture #153 (see photo).



1. Mali - September 19, 2018

Oops. I’m so sorry, I read this then intended to comment later, and didn’t get back to it.

So many 153s. It’s getting weird!

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