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Still with the 153s November 29, 2018

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Because until that 365 project is over, this is all you’re getting. Lists of birds and 153s.

  • I just deleted a forwarded link from my in box from January that I was going to look at later, subject line “153 best Gallery Walls images on Pinterest.”
  • Reading about the film Puzzle, running time was listed as 1h, 53m.
  • When I looked up directions from my place to one in the Adirondacks in September, travel time was listed as 1 hour, 53 minutes.
  • In October, when my favorite Sears guy showed up to service two appliances, I noticed on the receipt that his technician ID number is 1153.
  • On November 1, in looking up have/got/have got, I found these sample sentences: It’s got 153 calories and 45g of carbohydrates. It has 153 calories and 45g of carbohydrates. (more formal)
  • On November 25, the Washington Post sent an e-mail with the headline “Camp Fire—the deadliest and most destructive fire in California history—is 100 percent contained, officials say,” and then went on to give this description in the body of the e-mail: “Cal Fire and local authorities announced Sunday that the fire, which has killed at least 85 people, burned more than 153,000 acres and destroyed nearly 14,000 residences, is under control.”
  • That same day, when looking at a program/charity I give to annually, their home page had a big pie chart on it that showed that 10% of their budget ($153,870) is spent on fundraising (with 85% on programming and 5% on administration).

I’ve seen even more than those, I swear.