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In Hiding January 2, 2019

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

It as if the birds know it is January 1. The annual species count rolls back to zero. Black-capped chickadees refuse to show themselves at the feeder, as do goldfinches and two species of daily visiting woodpecker. At least, they don’t show up before you’re on the road again, trying to bird from the fast-moving car in backlit conditions, thinking “some sort of hawk” or “some sort of gull” or “were those turkeys?” Can’t list a maybe. Even early on the 2nd at the bakery next door, the permanent-fixture-please-feed-me-those-flaky-crumbs house sparrows are nowhere to be seen.


1. Bridgett - January 3, 2019

Here today: Cardinal pair, too many juncos to count, house sparrows, mourning doves, a house finch (at least one male, maybe females too). And a crow. 🙂

2. Mali - January 4, 2019

Those darn birds. I can’t name the nondescript birds I see in my trees. Though I did see an inevitable tui, probably before you had even crossed into the New Year.

3. Dona - January 19, 2019

We’re experiencing a dearth of chickadees and titmice here in Maryland. I have gotten a few, but a lot of folks on a Maryland-centric birding email list are remarking on a lack of them this year.

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