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Ice. January 31, 2019

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Winter can be isolating. Some isolation is choice. Some is not. Sometimes one may find oneself choosing isolation and not choosing it at the same time.

The January weather has been challenging. Deep cold. A weekend snowstorm dumping fabulous, x-country-skiable snow, but the temperatures so low and the wind chill so high that venturing out was impossible for me. This was immediately followed by a 50-degree warming that brought lots of rain, which of course produced flooding here and there. Lots of water falling on 18 inches of snow and ice. Good times.

Often I refuse to leave the house.

But yesterday, after about 5 inches of snow the night before, after I went out to shovel enough to get cars out, I saw that I had a window to ski. The sun was out and would be for a few more hours. The temperature was in the teens. There was no wind to speak of.

So out I went, onto the rail trail and into the fluffy stuff. There was just enough snow cover on the icy base. I was the first and the only one out there.

Sunshine. Exercise. I hope it happens again.


1. Helen - February 2, 2019

I so relate to this post. Fabulous snowfall last weekend, but since then it has been so cold that only those genetic superbeings who are made of brown instead of the run-of-the-mill white fat have actually been able to venture outside to enjoy the winter bounty. Today the temperature moderated and I went to the conservation area for a ski. It was packed with other ski-starved white fatties like me.

2. Mali - February 7, 2019

It’s like you guys live on another planet. Is this cross-country skiing?

3. Dona - February 27, 2019

Another sounds familiar –> Often I refuse to leave the house.

Glad you got out and skiied.

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