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Early Cartwheel February 28, 2019

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

My birthday isn’t until the weekend, but yesterday I was at the gym that has a big classroom, and no one was in it, and the lights were out, so I got off the treadmill and went into said classroom and did three cartwheels—because there is space and because if it turned out that this is the year I can’t do a cartwheel, someone would find my broken body fairly quickly—but the cartwheels were fine, that is, they felt fine, I’m sure they weren’t perfect or gorgeous, and I haven’t attempted one since last year, and I was in fact worried about this year because I haven’t been to the gym enough to keep up what little weight resistance/lifting I do with my arms and I haven’t been keeping up with yoga so I’ve barelyrarely been supporting my own weight and my arms are starting to look like old-lady arms—still, it made me happy to do the cartwheels, but because I did them before my birthday I’m not sure they can count as my birthday cartwheel as I think I have to turn the next number first, so the question again becomes where can I conveniently and safely attempt my birthday cartwheel as there are few readily available indoor spaces and outside is hard, dangerous ice?