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Welcome RBGBs! May 3, 2019

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

It’s a wet, cold spring. I have been watching my feeder for rose-breasted grosbeaks, hoping they will show up on time.

This is year 8 for listing species. In the past seven years, three times my first sighting of an RBGB was on May 3. Today.

May 3 is also the latest they’ve shown up. There was an early-bird sighting one April 26. Two April 29 sightings. One May 1.

It’s been so dreary I wouldn’t blame them for taking their time, but one showed up at neighbor’s feeder last weekend, a mere 2 miles away.

A Baltimore oriole, a ruby-throated hummingbird—they showed up today in the cold rain.

A watched feeder never produces an RBGB.

Maybe I’ll put a welcome sign on the window.


1. Helen - May 3, 2019

Ha! After glancing at your title I thought this was going to be a post about Ruth Bader Ginsburg [and her Doppelgänger(s)].

2. Dona - May 3, 2019

I saw on Facebook that you saw one! I saw one at my feeder several years ago but never since. I don’t watch the feeder constantly, so it is possible they have visited while I have been doing other things. May 1st seems to be the time they are spotted around here so I probably won’t see any this year.

I’m very happy for you! Also you and I need to plan to go to the Biggest Week in Birding some year. I was there a few years ago, for only a few hours but damn. It was amazing.

3. Mali - May 4, 2019

I also thought it was about RBG. I’m glad she’s not missing from your feeder!

And glad that your RBGBs are about to show up. It’s weird to me – we have tui and kaka etc all year round, so don’t have the excitement that they are back.

4. Bridgett - May 7, 2019

I saw my first hummingbird yesterday!

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