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A Smattering of 153s August 30, 2019

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On June 28, a friend posted this caption (because of the name, obviously) from the Facebook page of Historical Society of Carroll County:

Approximately 153 years ago, in the June of 1866, J. H. Christ, who was then the president of the Board of School Commissioners of Carroll County determined that 92 schools in the county were “unfit” for operation. The commission would later enact a redistricting plan to ensure that no students needed to travel more than 4 miles to their designated school. This image is of the Carroll Academy whose building—though closed—still stands on Littlestown Pike today.

And here’s a farmstand receipt from early August. The tomato cost $1.53.

And here’s my Santana ticket, which cost almost $153 (actually, quite a bit more with fees and tax).