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Cool Gray Khaki September 14, 2019

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That is the name of the color of the 2019 Subaru Crosstrek I ordered. The thing is, I’d never seen one in person, at least not one sitting still. They didn’t have that color on the lot. In fact, they didn’t have an unpurchased 2019 on the lot, so I couldn’t even test drive one.

In some photos online, I liked the color. In others, I wasn’t so sure. You know how that goes.

I did the paperwork and put down a deposit that gave me right of first refusal, as it’s apparently a difficult color to get. If I didn’t like it, I’d get a dark gray.

I rented a car for a week, went to Maryland, visited my mother (out of the hospital, back in rehab), went to Mary Helen’s funeral, went to church. Made some connections and reconnections.

Dropped off the rental and headed to the dealer on a day when I was having strange dizzy spells. I hope that doesn’t turn into a real story in my future.

I think I like the color. I thought I did enough to buy it. But Tim had to drive it home. Those dizzy spells scared me.

Cool gray I get. Khaki I don’t get. In the bright light, it’s bluer, but I think it’s a blue I can live with.

Now I have to learn how everything works. It’s like a computer in there.

Brown September 13, 2019

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That was the color of my beloved 2008 Subaru Outback. With a new clutch and brakes, it could have easily lasted a few more years (despite the not-nice things its own dealer said about it at trade-in!). I worry I let that car go too early. I didn’t even get a proper goodbye. I was attending to an appointment when it was towed, and I never saw it again. This makes me teary. Eleven and a half years.


*And some of you were here when I bought that car.

Black September 2, 2019

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Things I am mourning:

My days of manual transmission. It’s a long story, but when my 11-year-old, 128K-miles Subaru Outback needed a new clutch, I opted to try get a new car so as to avoid the possibility of two car payments (Tim’s car has many more miles). And I’ve let myself be talked into my first automatic transmission ever (admittedly, Tim’s car is automatic). This is a tough decision for me. But there are practical factors to consider. Sadly, I had to get my clutchless Subaru towed last week. I didn’t even get a proper goodbye. And I don’t know when my new car will arrive. This in-between time has its own complications, on top of my sadness.

My mother’s health. She’s back in the hospital. I got word of that ten minutes after my car broke down. It wasn’t a good day. She appears to be stable, but school has started, so my sister can’t head south with me unless things are dire. I can’t wander down there at the moment because I don’t have a car. There may be a rental in my near future, but I’m trying to hold off on that until it becomes truly necessary.

Mary Helen. My best friend’s mother is actively dying, in our hometown. I imagine that the timing of my trip south, barring a rapid downturn on my mother’s end, will be to see Mom when I go to attend MH’s funeral. (MH died this hour, before I had a chance to post this.)