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Black September 2, 2019

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

Things I am mourning:

My days of manual transmission. It’s a long story, but when my 11-year-old, 128K-miles Subaru Outback needed a new clutch, I opted to try get a new car so as to avoid the possibility of two car payments (Tim’s car has many more miles). And I’ve let myself be talked into my first automatic transmission ever (admittedly, Tim’s car is automatic). This is a tough decision for me. But there are practical factors to consider. Sadly, I had to get my clutchless Subaru towed last week. I didn’t even get a proper goodbye. And I don’t know when my new car will arrive. This in-between time has its own complications, on top of my sadness.

My mother’s health. She’s back in the hospital. I got word of that ten minutes after my car broke down. It wasn’t a good day. She appears to be stable, but school has started, so my sister can’t head south with me unless things are dire. I can’t wander down there at the moment because I don’t have a car. There may be a rental in my near future, but I’m trying to hold off on that until it becomes truly necessary.

Mary Helen. My best friend’s mother is actively dying, in our hometown. I imagine that the timing of my trip south, barring a rapid downturn on my mother’s end, will be to see Mom when I go to attend MH’s funeral. (MH died this hour, before I had a chance to post this.)


1. Dona - September 3, 2019

So sorry, IB. About everything.

2. susan365 - September 3, 2019

You’ve had more than your share of parent worries. The irony is that parents usually try to work things so our kids have nothing to worry about. Of course that plan usually doesn’t succeed. I hope your mother’s condition isn’t serious.

Did you choose another Subaru? If so, it will probably have a Continuous Variable Transmission, which I would describe as going beyond automatic. You never even hear it shift. I understand the fun of a stick shift, but CVT makes for a very smooth ride. I like it a lot.

My sympathy to your best friend.

indigobunting - September 14, 2019

I was told this by a couple of people when I was bemoaning the loss. This is good news! These people assured me it was more control than a stick shift and I’d be happy with it. We’ll see!

3. Eulalia Benejam Cobb - September 4, 2019

Oh Indigo, it’s hitting you from all sides. I am so sorry, and I hope the clouds part a bit for you soon.

4. kmarieh1 - September 8, 2019

That your oft rudderless time is also clutchless – I am sorry, my friend.

5. Mali - September 10, 2019

Apologies I’m late to this. I am so sorry you have all this at once. I had four days without a car in April when I too had to get my car towed (though the result of a bad weather ding not a clutch failing), and it made me feel very vulnerable, even for such a short time. I’m sorry about your friend’s mother, at a time when you’ll be worried about yours too. Sending hugs.

6. indigobunting - September 14, 2019

Love to all of you!

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