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Still in Hiding/153s November 22, 2019

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

Clearly, the writing thing is not happening in 2019. Sorry, blog buddies. I miss you. I miss me. So that I put something up this month, no matter how dull, here are more 153s:

  • In October, I added up interrupted time logged on a job over the course of the day and once again came up with 153 minutes.
  • When I was shopping for an iPhone 11, I watched some promo video that clocked in at 1:53.
  • The other day Tim told someone that his bird species count for the year so far is 153. Really, dude? First, so far ahead of my count; second, 153.
  • Two days ago my work-notes log for the year hit page 153.
  • According to a recent TV Guide, the show Gilmore Girls made 153 episodes.

Riveting, I know.


1. susan365 - November 22, 2019

Well, it is actually (riveting). I frequently experience coincidences–small but fascinating (to me), though never quite as consistent as your 153s, and I attach some significance to them. Mostly they encourage me to continue on whatever track I’m on at the time. At least that’s how I read them. So if I’m right about that, IB, keep on keepin’ on!

Eulalia Benejam Cobb - November 23, 2019

O.k., you and Indigo are inspiring me to start paying attention. As far as I can tell, there’s not been a single coincidence in my entire life, so clearly I need to get my head out of the clouds and concentrate on what’s going on around me.

susan365 - November 23, 2019

Lali, maybe you’re so firmly on the right path that the universe has no need to reinforce your direction. Or maybe your head-in-the-clouds theory has some merit. šŸ™‚

2. Helen - November 24, 2019


3. Helen - November 24, 2019

Speaking of riveting, how about that comment I just posted? Actually, I am thrilled that I can finally comment again on your blog… even though I have nothing of consequence to say, except that I’m really really glad you’re continuing to blog. I would miss you immensely if you were ever to stop.

4. Mali - November 24, 2019

I have missed you, so I am always thrilled to see you reappear. And like Lali, I am always fascinated by your 153 posts. I am definitely not on the right path, so maybe I’m just unobservant about any coincidences in my life!

And Helen – we miss your blogging immensely!

Helen - December 7, 2019

You’re so sweet, Mali. How I wish someone would light a non-injurious firecracker under my non-scrivatory ass.

indigobunting - December 26, 2019

“Light a non-injurious firecracker under my non-scrivatory ass” is my new favorite saying, with non-scrivatory ass my new favorite phrase.

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