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Nocciola, Per Favore December 12, 2008

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My subconscious can sometimes get ahead of me. After moving to Vermont from Washington, DC, I woke up one still-cold morning dreaming of cherry blossoms. What a lovely dream. Then I realized it was the tail end of March, and they were in bloom. Nowhere near me, of course—I’d have to endure another six leafless weeks.

There are days closing in on spring when I find myself really missing Sewa Yoleme. If I stop to observe the calendar, I realize it’s just about the time of year we took our Kitsch Disney Trip together. The seasonal light must trigger something in my heart before I am aware of why this yearning is happening now.

December is always Italy.

Tim used to go twice a year to Verona for work. I got to go with him four times, and three of those times were in December. Not only was it a beautiful, uncrowded time to be there, but it took me out of the whole Christmas crush in the states. (Do not bother me with the stress of what gift to get whom. I am eating gelato.)

We were always there near or on Santa Lucia. This meant that we always got to see the star at the Piazza Bra, shooting out of the Arena, and we got to meander through all the holiday stalls.

A couple of years ago, when writing about Sergio for the 365 project, I discovered that the Piazza Bra has a webcam. That became the first bookmark on my toolbar. Sometimes I don’t click on it for months at a time. Other times I’ll check often. I love seeing various events get set up and torn down. I love watching the movement of the people. I imagine that maybe one of them is Sergio, or Anna, or their children or grandchildren.

The other day I clicked on PIAZZA BRA LA WEB CAM DI PIAZZA BRA, and there was the star! The odd thing was that although I’d been getting my annual Italy hankerings, I hadn’t thought about the star, and when I saw it through the webcam, it suddenly and truly hit me: It’s December. Look! It must be December.

Oh, I wish I were there. With Tim, and with Sergio and his family. Eating gelato. Hazelnut, please.

Happy Santa Lucia to each of you.


1. BRidgett - December 12, 2008

I’m not in Italy, but I’m not here, either. I know what you mean.

2. Helen - December 12, 2008

I wish I were there too. With you and Tim and Sergio and his family. I sort of feel like I know you all by now, even though I’ve never met any of you.

3. Mali - December 12, 2008

Hmmmm … a rendezvous of bloggers in Verona one Christmas … now there’s an idea.

4. indigo bunting - December 13, 2008

Mali: I like the way you think. Sounds like Helen’s in.

5. Bridgett - December 13, 2008

So…ice? Are you ok? All I heard was “northeast” so that’s kind of broad.

6. indigo bunting - December 14, 2008

We’re OK. Our power was out Friday early a.m. for 5 hours, then again for about an hour in the afternoon, so we did OK. I hear it’s much worse east of us.

7. Deloney - December 15, 2008

I was thinking about you too when I heard about the ice storm.

8. Eulalia (Lali) Benejam Cobb - December 16, 2008

Beautiful writing Indigo, about the power of light. And thanks for reminding me of St. Lucy’s feast day. In Barcelona, the Christmas fair used to open around the cathedral in the Gothic Quarter–stall after stall selling evergreens (though no Xmas trees, in my day), and thousands of little figurines for the Pessebre, the Nativity scene. That was one of the happiest days of the year, for me.

9. laurie - December 18, 2008

do not bother me, i am eating gelato…. oh, yes!

a good friend of mine just got back from two weeks in paris. he now believes december is the right time to be there, too.

10. indigo bunting - December 18, 2008

Laurie: I would be perfectly happy to test the Paris-in-December theory.

11. Cedar Waxwing - December 19, 2008

How did I miss commenting on this post? I remember your mention of this star in your 365 blog.

I, too, worried that you got hit by the big storm — glad your power was not out too long.

12. damyantig - December 19, 2008

Anche a me piace il gelato, anche se non ho mangiato mai uno con il gusto di nocciola !

I’ve never been to Italy, and I remember your post on Italy was the first one that drew me to your blog. I’ve begun to speak Italian, fluent, though with lord knows how many errors…and I dream of going there some day 🙂

13. indigobunting - December 19, 2008

Cedar: I hear a (snow)storm is brewing your way now. One is heading straight toward me, another Sunday…with any luck at all I’ll be able to travel Tuesday!

Damyanti: Oh, someday try the hazelnut. I am envious of your fluency! I’m sure you’ll get to Italy someday. I am so grateful that I have been there, and I do so hope I will return.

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