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What Mali Said, October 15, 2009

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in her October 11 post: “It’s one of the reasons I read the blogs I do. They are all particularly good at appreciating the moment, about celebrating the simple things in life.”

Indeed. This may be why I am reading you, dear blog friends. This may be why I try to keep blogging—to remind myself of simplicities. To be aware of a moment.

This may be why I am writing nothing of late.

Mine is not actually a complicated life, but it seems to have decided to play one on TV. I feel inefficient. Day after day—with the exception of one recent deliciously productive morning—I can’t focus well enough to accomplish what I somehow believe could be accomplished. It’s frustrating, and in this frustration I am definitely not taking enough time to breathe in the simple. When I do, I exhale quickly, and it’s over.

It’s been a beautiful autumn, and I’ve noticed. Don’t think I haven’t. I’ve had a couple of wonderful weekends, too, but at their end, I’ve been too tasked to know what to say about them.

Perhaps the cat’s got my tongue. I hope that said cat is The Danforth’s Alfie, and that she will either scratch me awake or ghostwrite some Indigo Bunting posts.


1. Eulalia (Lali) Benejam Cobb - October 15, 2009

Maybe it’s a touch of acedia? But don’t worry. You won’t lose us–we’ll just keep checking for new posts, and rejoicing when they come.

2. bettyslocombe - October 16, 2009

It isn’t compulsory: I have found it remarkably simple to have other things to do: learn the guitar, for instance, or write for a living for a change, and quite easy to pop up again on occasion. Do thou the same: even your becalmed wonderings delight.

3. LisaS - October 16, 2009

this is, alas, my life as well. but i’m trying to refocus on writing, because it helps me refocus on the rest of it. or at least, that’s a good theory.

4. helen - October 16, 2009

Your idea of what constitutes “writing nothing of late” is quite different from mine. You seem like quite a prolific blogger to me (and I hope you will not stop). But I can understand the feeling of being too overwhelmed with stuff to do to enjoy what you’re doing. Maybe try washing some dishes!

5. laurie - October 17, 2009

you’re in my blog lines. i always know when you update.

i find that blogging is a habit—i can blog every day about the smallest of things. but if i stop blogging for a while, nothing seems blog-worthy.

keep celebrating the little stuff.

6. Mali - October 22, 2009

Living life is more important than writing about it. I’m sure you’ll write more as the colder nights set in. Meanwhile, enjoy.

7. bettyslocombe - October 28, 2009

Hi Indigo: I love you all dearly but I am withdrawing from the ether definitively. Pass the word. No correspondence please. mwah/

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