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Peering through Virtual’s Blur June 10, 2010

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

At my last chiropractic appointment, I was sitting in the waiting room, thumbing through some healthy-living magazine, when I was approached by a man who said to me, “Are you [Indigo]?”

“Yes,” I said, “I am.” In fact, I knew who this guy was. We had chatted at a party many years before and we have mutual friends.

But he did not remember me from that party. He didn’t remember talking to me. He said, “I recognize you from Facebook. We have a lot of friends in common. But I didn’t think you lived around here.”

Our conversation was cut short by my being called in to my appointment.

“You look just like your picture!” he said as I was walking away, which I took as a compliment, as my photo actually looks much much better than I do at almost any given moment. But wait—maybe this means the photo doesn’t actually look as good as I think it does. Hmmmm.

It’s funny. I have occasionally been out and about and seen someone and tried to place him or her and realized that I recognize them [sic] from Facebook. Unless I am at a party and actually talking to said person, I have never said a word. I’ve never had the nerve to approach someone based on Facebook recognition alone. (Of course, I don’t [generally] have nerve to approach someone based on anything alone.)

Later, I sent that guy a note via Facebook apologizing for cutting our conversation short and thanking him for introducing himself. He wrote back, saying it must have been the listing of my hometown that made him think I didn’t live here. This means that at some point he had checked out my profile. I check out people’s profiles too, of course. It just never occurs to me that people check out mine.

And now he’s my Facebook friend.


1. Alesia - June 10, 2010

Approach me! Approach me!

2. indigobunting - June 10, 2010

OK, Alesia, if I see you and recognize you, I will! (But it will probably be someone else, and she’ll say, “What? No, my name’s not Alesia. Get away, you freak.”)

3. Craig (Maito Sewa Yoleme) - June 10, 2010

What does it say about me that I read that title as “Peeing…”?

4. indigobunting - June 10, 2010

Quite a lot, actually.

5. helen - June 10, 2010

And I read “chiropractic” as “optometry”.

6. Mali - June 11, 2010

Your photo looks great. One day I’ll be able to assure you that you look as great as your photo.

7. Dona - June 11, 2010

Be assured, IB looks just like her photo (and the photo is great!). IB is one attractive woman!

8. indigo bunting - June 11, 2010

Ah, shucks, Dona. (Have you been to an optometrist lately?)

Truly, we must have a blog gathering someday. Somewhere wonderful.

9. Mali - June 11, 2010

I wonder … if we actually planned something far enough ahead … would we be able to do it? Or is spontaneity better?

10. Mali - June 11, 2010

(I’m trying to figure out what has the best odds of success).

11. indigo bunting - June 12, 2010

Mali: That’s a tough one. But the more travel/money required, I imagine the more planning would be needed!

12. Lali - June 12, 2010

Don’t worry about the plural pronoun with a singular antecedent. Jane Austen does that all the time.

13. Bridgett - June 12, 2010

One time in the Albany airport, someone walked up to my friend Ann and me and said to her, “You’re Annie Knits. I read your blog.”

REmember, we live in St. Louis. That was the spookiest.

14. Bridgett - June 12, 2010

Oh, and I stalk people online all the time…I know all about former friends and boyfriends and friends of friends…

15. indigo bunting - June 13, 2010

B: Spooky but COOL. (And stalking is fun.)

16. Adam Byrn Tritt - June 16, 2010

I have made some of the strangest connections through Facebook. One fella “friended” me because of a shared interest in music. I recognized his name but could not place it. Then he mentioned Gainesville and it dawned on me who he was. I sent him an essay and he wrote back “You are THAT Adam Tritt? I wrote about you for the Alligator and then for UPI!”

One person I had been looking to find for over four years. A friend of a friend? Suddenly we were talking again.

And today, a note from a person I had not seen in eleven years. And she wanted to ask my advice on depression? What kind of impression did I make on her?

The strange world of Facebook.

17. Wayne - June 19, 2010

I read this as ‘Peering through virtual bars’.

Also, I have not seen Indigo’s Facebook photo but I can second Dona’s point at #7 that Indigo is very attractive. I’ve been trying to convince her of this since college (based on appearances, about two years ago for Indigo).

18. indigobunting - June 22, 2010

Adam: Strange indeed.

Wayne: Aw shucks. And get a blog, would ya?

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