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Bullfrog August 31, 2012

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There’s a chill in the air, but still I go with Laura and Gigi to the pool that sits on a property cared for by a friend, because when was the last time I was in a pool? It is surrounded by the farmhouse and a barn and other red outbuildings and willows through which the slight wind is made visible. I can’t remember the last time I was barefoot on concrete, and the walk around the edge, the particular way my feet pound on that surface so that I feel the impact to the top of my head—it’s a sensation I’d all but forgotten.

Laura is first to see the large bullfrog sitting in the skimmer drain. We are happy to have a good look, and we enjoy showing it to 2-year-old Gigi, but the frog is not nearly so happy to see us. We watch it swim across the pool, its long, strong hind legs making it a perfect swimming machine, it’s webbed feet astounding. I’ve been in water with frogs many a time, of course, but never with a bullfrog in clear chlorine, never in a way that I could watch this.

The frog bonks its head into the other side of the pool. Laura and I look in vain for the net to assist its escape. We hope that those who live here will later liberate it.

I am not much of a swimmer, and it’s not a hot day, but I dive twice into the deep end, and the frog sits still at the bottom of the pool, below the diving board.

If it was bigger, it would eat me. According to Wikipedia, “Stomach content studies going back to 1913 suggest the bullfrog preys on any animal it can overpower and stuff down its throat.” This makes bullfrogs sound more like humans than not. I can’t deny it: Watching that magnificent amphibian swim, watching those powerful, beautiful legs, this word offered itself up for my brain’s consideration: Delicious.


1. Craig R. Smith - August 31, 2012

Then I guess with frogs, it’s eat or be eaten.

2. Lynda - August 31, 2012

Tastes just like chicken.

3. Jan - August 31, 2012


4. Daniel - August 31, 2012

Where do frogs pee?

5. Mali - August 31, 2012

Oh, I was not expecting that last word! Delicious, indeed.

A Facebook friend on holiday in Sri Lanka just posted a photo of a frog in their pool. Twice in one day, from opposite sides of the world. Weird.

6. Eulalia Benejam Cobb - September 12, 2012


7. Helen - September 17, 2012

I wonder what legs bullfrogs consider a delicacy?

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