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In Snow as It Falls August 18, 2011

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For most of this summer—to which I have been desperately clinging in posttraumatic reaction to some of late-winter’s horrors—Mali has been in my thoughts as I consider her cold to my heat, her short days to my long, her gradual gain of light to my loss of it. But when she wrote this week of being, for the first time, in snow as it fell, my heart leapt for her, even in my shock at this seemingly late initiation for such a well-traveled person. I thought back to when I was twenty, when a twenty-five-year-old Iowan down the hall saw her first ocean, and how surprised I was by that, although I shouldn’t have been.

Every experience is a new one, of course. Every minute, really. But something about exposure to the natural world feels big, at least to me. The first-times. Out of the desert cities and into the desert. The walk in a rain forest. Hanging out with puffins at the tip of the Shetlands. That purple-crowned fairy hovering over a stream. Blue, blue tropical waters. An octopus in the shallows. Moose grazing in a remote pond. Diving gannets. Osprey—trout in talons—flying overhead, as you cast your own meager line. (Forgive me. I can’t stop seeing birds.)

Walking in snow as it falls. Even when I’m sick and resentful of snow, I never quite tire of that.


1. Bridgett - August 18, 2011

The first time I saw a bald eagle in the wild and couldn’t explain to my daughter why it upset me so much (in a good way).

2. Dona - August 19, 2011


3. helen - August 19, 2011

This is quite magical.

And sometimes even seeing things for the umpteenth time is transcendental. Stars come to mind. And snow 🙂

4. Mali - August 20, 2011

The first times indeed. I thought I was running out of first times, but in recent years, the first times have included lions and leopards and giraffes and hippos (etc etc) in the wild, walking in snow falling (of course), desert sand in Bahrain. First times are what keep me travelling. But so are the umpteenth times as per Helen. Stars in Africa. Worth seeing again.

5. helen - August 20, 2011

By the way, that smiley face insinuated itself into my comment. Death to emoticons!

6. Jenny Jar Full of Buttons - August 22, 2011

Reading this felt like walking through snow as it falls.

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